Why a Police Officer Will Not Impound Your Vehicle

If you are arrested for DUI, it does not automatically mean that the police officer will impound your vehicle.  The officer will not take your vehicle if they determine that all of the following conditions are met:

  1. the vehicle is currently registered
  2. the vehicle is insured
  3. the spouse of the driver is with the driver at the time of arrest
  4. the spouse of the driver has a valid driver license
  5. the spouse of the driver is not impaired
  6. if the spouse of the driver is under 21, the spouse of the driver may not have any alcohol in their system
  7. the spouse of the driver notifies the officer that they will drive the vehicle home or a safe place
  8. the spouse of the driver complies with all traffic laws in driving the vehicle

Note:  if you have no ownership interest in the vehicle, the police cannot take it from the rightful owner because you were accused of DUI while driving that vehicle.

The Legal Jargon:

Arizona Revised Statute  §28 – 3511 provides authority for impound of  your vehicle if a peace officer has probable cause to arrest the driver of the vehicle for  a violation of § 4 – 244, paragraph 34 (underage drinking and driving) or § 28 – 1382 (extreme DUI extreme DUI extreme DUI ) or § 28 – 1383 (super extreme DUI).

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Image Credit: www.coloradorecoverybureau.com